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about me


I've been fascinated with birth since I was very young when I witnessed horses and cats giving birth at our family's horse ranch. I also grew up with an OB/GYN father, so labor and delivery was part of our everyday household conversation. When I was pregnant with my first child in 2007, and anxious about childbirth, my husband and I took a 12-week natural childbirth class. This class and my own birth experiences awakened me to a perspective of birth that is based on informed choice and the mother's innate ability to birth with minimal interference.


I am trained through DONA International and have been assisting women in birth since 2010. I have degrees in Biology and Psychology and work part-time at Oceana Conservation District. I have two children and I love being a mom more than I ever thought I would. We live in Ludington, Michigan near Lake Michigan. 

"How fortunate that we had someone so professional, focused and empowering along for our first pregnancy and birth. Initially I was worried about having a doula--I'd heard they could be overly aggressive when it came to supporting a natural birth above anything else--and I was looking for a happy marriage of modern medicine and natural birthing methods. To my happy relief, Suzie helped create, sustain and see this vision through.  She is 200% committed to respecting a mother's wishes and cultivating the type of birth experience that is centered around empowering couples in whichever ways *they* see fit. During the actual birth, Suzie was a wellspring of support for both me and my husband. She was a continual source of strength and comfort, helping me focus through contractions, encouraging me, and making sure my preferences were being respected by hospital staff.  I ended up having the *exact* birth we were all hoping for--and I know that some of that is pure luck--but it also had a lot to do with Suzie's excellent care and guidance." -Natalie J
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